Mary Ann and William | Fernwood Gardens

Hello there beautiful friends, I’m back! It has been busy lately with the daily grind but I’m delighted to kickstart the weekend with a wedding feature that’s simple and laid-back, and has all that bright and airy feel we love in wedding photos. Thanks to wedding photographer Paul Espino for sending this our way – we’re able to see a glimpse of his wonderful work. Do check his website for more of his work but in the meantime, scroll down slowly and get in the mood for some inspirational details!

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Church: St. Francis of Assisi Fernwood Gardens |Reception: | Hotel: | Caterer: | Cake: Yummy Piece of Cake | Photo&Video: Pol Espino | Invitations: | Flowers: | Hair and Make up: Muriel Vega Perez | Gown: Mrs. Nora C. De Guzman | Music: Anima Music

Martin and Alex | A Sweet and Romantic Wedding | Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography

People cross your path for reasons. On my first day of college, I sat beside Alex for orientation in the auditorium. We exchanged names, we found out we lived in the same city, we had the same course, and the rest is history. Two years later, she introduced me to my husband. I can never forget that day – even after 11 years it’s become a past time of hubby and I to talk about it and make fun of each other. But that’s for another story. 20131012_015_8701

Fast forward to October 2013, Alex got married to the love of her life and her best friend. Their celebration was full of love and happiness. She was blooming in her wedding dress by Joe San Antonio. As a bride, Alex was 100% hands on with so many details, so I knew the amount of work they placed to creating such a beautiful day. As her friend, I was honoured to be part of it.

The bright and sunny photos were taken by Jorem and Sheila Catilo. The couple wed in St. John Bosco Parish in Makati City and then dinner and dancing in 1Esplanade. True to Alex-fashion, a color palette of seafoam green and coral pink was chosen for the day. The reception styling showcased green hedges with white framed mirrors and vintage lamps on centerpieces – who better to execute this than k. by cunanan catering. Alex chose pink blooms for her bouquet and white flowers for the church.

Here are the beautiful photos from Jorem and Sheila Catilo followed by the same day edit from Ian Cruz Films who was able to tell their love story in the most natural way possible.

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Advice to couples planning their wedding: All of the planning, money, and time put in over the entire year comes and goes in a flash the day of your wedding, so try to make this a good kind of stress and enjoy the whole process! Celebrate everytime you cross off a task in your to-do list because this will make you feel accomplished. The tension between unlimited wants and limited resources will always be there but focus on what matters most, be resourceful and squeeze out your creative juices! Always put in mind that it’s gonna be one of best days of your life.

Photography: Jorem and Sheila Catilo | Video: Ian Cruz Films | Caterer: k. by cunanan catering | Dress: Joe San Antonio | Suit: Cornell’s | Coordinator: Getting Married Wedding Coordinators & Event Planners | Flowers: Vatel Manila | Entourage dresses: Isabel Celdran | Hair and Make up: Sabs Hernandez | Lights: Sensitivity Lights & Sounds | Music: Manila String Machine | DJ: George Punzalan | Photo Booth: baiCapture | Invitation: Coloriphics

Inspiration: What to Wear – Wedding Socials

“Ber” months are upon us and that means weddings, engagement parties, and get-togethers are in full swing. Having a hard time deciding what to wear? Today’s feature is looking pretty with floral prints and a burst of red. If you’re leaning towards this side of the colour spectrum, read on and see my top picks from the capsule collection of Zara Fall Winter 2013. These are currently in-store.
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Same Day Edit Video | Paul and Lala | Ian Cruz Films

The beautiful Veluz dress, the sweet smile of the bride, Lala and the infectious emotions from the groom, Paul were all captured in this sweet short film from Ian Cruz Films. He was able to choose the most natural but loving expressions from family and at the same time giving us a look into the gorgeous details of the wedding. We cannot wait for the photos from Metrophoto.

Here is the video from Ian Cruz Films.

Paul and Lala’s Wedding | Same Day Edit from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.

Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Bridal Collection

If you’re not prepared to see some beautiful bridal dresses and insanely gorgeous details, I suggest you skip this post. But I know you have a soft spot for intricate and lavish dresses like I do. As I was going through these photos from Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner – Fall 2013 Bridal Collection, I couldn’t help but wish I can wear one of these dresses and get married again! To add to the pretty-factor, these dresses have timeless silhouettes that won’t make you regret twenty years down the road.

Be ready to get some inspiration for your wedding dress. wedding-dresses-mori-lee-fall-2013-style-1962-a Continue reading

Proposal Video: Patrick and Regina

It’s really not so hard to fall in love with anything wedding, especially when you come across a proposal video as fun and cute as Patrick and Regina’s. We love it when couples share our passion for creativity and in this video, we don’t only get to witness the proposal but we also see a glimpse of the couple’s colourful personalities and love for travel.

So what happened.

Patrick, 31 proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years, Regina, 29 in High Line Park, New York.

Proposals are quite nerve racking for any guy. Planning ahead and making sure the girl does not find out about the proposal are just some of their worries. But to have family and friends nearby makes it an even more memorable surprise, just as what you’re about to see. I don’t want to give everything away, you’ll just have to press play and watch this video!

Here is the video that Patrick edited himself.

Cute right? Tell us what you think! I’m quite sure you’ll be looking forward to what they have to share with us next: how their planning is coming along and what advice they have for engaged couples. Stay tuned!

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Supplier Review: Christine Ong -Te Events

Today’s post is a review on our wedding coordinator – Christine Ong-Te Events (COTE). In my previous post I did mention how important it is to get a good coordinator. Their role on your big day might not be as obvious yet to those still planning but believe me, depending on how good they are, the coordinator helps you run e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g smoothly.

When we were scouting for a coordinator, we were looking for a team who we can trust to help us plan our big day. Since our wedding was out of town we needed someone who can help us look for good suppliers, plan for an entire day hopefully without major setback, and be ready to make us feel at ease and comfortable on our wedding.

COTE with Christine as the head coordinator was two thumbs up, make it ten!  If you’re looking for one or just researching on what exactly a coordinator does — scroll down to find out more!


With COTE and our hosts, Cristina and Chase

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Inspiration: A Patch of Green

It’s no secret by now that I love greenery and everything that nature gives us to enjoy. It gives me pleasure to see how we work around natural elements and make them part of the big day. The imagery I’m presenting today is a mix of green and white as background to the wedding ceremony and reception. The green and brown leaves at the background could make for a stellar ceremonial backdrop. The trees and cascading sunlight between the branches give the best and most natural spotlight a bride can ever get. The flower petals that scatter the fields can make the sweetest scented red carpet any bride can dream of. It’s all about mixing what we already have and turning it to something beautiful for everyone especially for family and friends to enjoy. Here is the inspiration feature for a patch of green.


Style Me Pretty


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Inspiration: Lace and Ethereal

Today marks my first major wedding inspiration board. This post features romanticism through lace, white and cream clusters, blush and lilac, and an ethereal mood to your wedding day. I love how lace captures the romantic mood of the theme and how it subtly gives such a beautiful and detailed finishing to the wedding dress.

Here is the inspiration feature for Lace and Ethereal.



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