Reem Acra Fall 2015

Discreet side pockets sewn into the gowns? This could just be a really good selling point in my opinion.  Coupled with lace, tulle, and appliqués, Reem Acra’s Fall Winter 2015 is simply beautiful and thoughtful.

With your morning coffee in hand, do scroll down to see my favourites from the collection. The show happened on 10 October 2014. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!
reem-acra-cap-sleeve-wedding-dressreem-acra-a-line-wedding-dress reem-acra-applique-skirt-wedding-dressreem-acra-cascade-skirt-wedding-dressreem-acra-illusion-neckline-wedding-dressreem-acra-nude-lace-wedding-dressreem-acra-sheer-lace-wedding-dressreem-acra-silk-ball-skirt-wedding-dressreem-acra-full-skirt-wedding-dressPhotos: The Knot


Nick and Sheeva | A Boracay Beach Wedding | Mango Red

Oh what I’d do to head back to the beach of my lovely Philippines, to soak in the warm water with feet underneath the soft sand. Today’s wedding brings us to beautiful Boracay with these photographs from MangoRed which are simply gorgeous! The blue-green water and light blue sky painted a perfect backdrop against the scenic peninsula.  All these worked seamlessly well with the wedding of Nick and Sheeva, from the bride’s dress down to the invitation font and lettering. To add dainty to nature, a palette of pastel pink for the entourage made it such a cheerful gathering with family and friends. Really, what more can the couple ask for?

Such a joy to wake up to this lovely set of photographs, the kind where you can feel the happiness and joy between Nick and Sheeva. Come and stay awhile to see what I am talking about.

NICK & SHEEVA-1d NICK & SHEEVA-2b NICK & SHEEVA-3 NICK & SHEEVA-4 NICK & SHEEVA-5c NICK & SHEEVA-7c NICK & SHEEVA-8 NICK & SHEEVA-9 NICK & SHEEVA-10g NICK & SHEEVA-11b NICK & SHEEVA-12 NICK & SHEEVA-13b NICK & SHEEVA-14b NICK & SHEEVA-15 NICK & SHEEVA-16 NICK & SHEEVA-17c NICK & SHEEVA-18b NICK & SHEEVA-19b NICK & SHEEVA-20 NICK & SHEEVA-21c NICK & SHEEVA-22 NICK & SHEEVA-24 NICK & SHEEVA-25c NICK & SHEEVA-26 NICK & SHEEVA-27b NICK & SHEEVA-28 NICK & SHEEVA-29 NICK & SHEEVA-30d NICK & SHEEVA-31b NICK & SHEEVA-32c NICK & SHEEVA-33b NICK & SHEEVA-34b NICK & SHEEVA-35f NICK & SHEEVA-36c NICK & SHEEVA-37f NICK & SHEEVA-38 NICK & SHEEVA-39c NICK & SHEEVA-40z NICK & SHEEVA-41 NICK & SHEEVA-43 NICK & SHEEVA-44c NICK & SHEEVA-45c NICK & SHEEVA-46d NICK & SHEEVA-47b NICK & SHEEVA-48b NICK & SHEEVA-49c NICK & SHEEVA-50 NICK & SHEEVA-51f NICK & SHEEVA-52 NICK & SHEEVA-53c NICK & SHEEVA-54w NICK & SHEEVA-55b NICK & SHEEVA-56 NICK & SHEEVA-57c NICK & SHEEVA-57d NICK & SHEEVA-58c NICK & SHEEVA-59b NICK & SHEEVA-60c NICK & SHEEVA-61d NICK & SHEEVA-62 NICK & SHEEVA-63b NICK & SHEEVA-65 NICK & SHEEVA-66Photography: Mango Red | Videographer: Bob Nicolas | Bride’s dress: Reem Acra | Entourage Dresses: Veejay Floresca | Hair and Makeup: Raymond Santiago and Robbie Pinera | Flowers and Boutonnieres: Vatel Manila and Handmade Goodness | Invitation: Printsonalities x Pop Junk Love | Coordination: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings