Carlo and Angie | Engagement Shoot | Aaron Ebio Photography

A couple of things I like in an engagement shoot are naturalness from the couple and a good location. So here is my first post for an engagement shoot featuring real couple, Carlo and Angie and captured by Aaron Ebio Photography. This was taken in Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines and I have to say this shoot is a breath of fresh air. Indeed the photos are clean and simple yet worthwhile to keep for memories to last a lifetime.

Here are the photos from Aaron Ebio.

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Nick and Sheeva | A Boracay Beach Wedding | Mango Red

Oh what I’d do to head back to the beach of my lovely Philippines, to soak in the warm water with feet underneath the soft sand. Today’s wedding brings us to beautiful Boracay with these photographs from MangoRed which are simply gorgeous! The blue-green water and light blue sky painted a perfect backdrop against the scenic peninsula.  All these worked seamlessly well with the wedding of Nick and Sheeva, from the bride’s dress down to the invitation font and lettering. To add dainty to nature, a palette of pastel pink for the entourage made it such a cheerful gathering with family and friends. Really, what more can the couple ask for?

Such a joy to wake up to this lovely set of photographs, the kind where you can feel the happiness and joy between Nick and Sheeva. Come and stay awhile to see what I am talking about.

NICK & SHEEVA-1d NICK & SHEEVA-2b NICK & SHEEVA-3 NICK & SHEEVA-4 NICK & SHEEVA-5c NICK & SHEEVA-7c NICK & SHEEVA-8 NICK & SHEEVA-9 NICK & SHEEVA-10g NICK & SHEEVA-11b NICK & SHEEVA-12 NICK & SHEEVA-13b NICK & SHEEVA-14b NICK & SHEEVA-15 NICK & SHEEVA-16 NICK & SHEEVA-17c NICK & SHEEVA-18b NICK & SHEEVA-19b NICK & SHEEVA-20 NICK & SHEEVA-21c NICK & SHEEVA-22 NICK & SHEEVA-24 NICK & SHEEVA-25c NICK & SHEEVA-26 NICK & SHEEVA-27b NICK & SHEEVA-28 NICK & SHEEVA-29 NICK & SHEEVA-30d NICK & SHEEVA-31b NICK & SHEEVA-32c NICK & SHEEVA-33b NICK & SHEEVA-34b NICK & SHEEVA-35f NICK & SHEEVA-36c NICK & SHEEVA-37f NICK & SHEEVA-38 NICK & SHEEVA-39c NICK & SHEEVA-40z NICK & SHEEVA-41 NICK & SHEEVA-43 NICK & SHEEVA-44c NICK & SHEEVA-45c NICK & SHEEVA-46d NICK & SHEEVA-47b NICK & SHEEVA-48b NICK & SHEEVA-49c NICK & SHEEVA-50 NICK & SHEEVA-51f NICK & SHEEVA-52 NICK & SHEEVA-53c NICK & SHEEVA-54w NICK & SHEEVA-55b NICK & SHEEVA-56 NICK & SHEEVA-57c NICK & SHEEVA-57d NICK & SHEEVA-58c NICK & SHEEVA-59b NICK & SHEEVA-60c NICK & SHEEVA-61d NICK & SHEEVA-62 NICK & SHEEVA-63b NICK & SHEEVA-65 NICK & SHEEVA-66Photography: Mango Red | Videographer: Bob Nicolas | Bride’s dress: Reem Acra | Entourage Dresses: Veejay Floresca | Hair and Makeup: Raymond Santiago and Robbie Pinera | Flowers and Boutonnieres: Vatel Manila and Handmade Goodness | Invitation: Printsonalities x Pop Junk Love | Coordination: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

Inspiration: Wedding Trends for 2014

The new year is finally here and it’s time to make a round-up of our favourite wedding colours and dress silhouettes to watch out for! Let this not dictate your plan and direction, but let it be a helpful guide in making some of the most difficult (it’s really more confusing than it seems!) decisions of your life as a bride.

CelebrityFitV1.0Do check out more interesting stories from Simply Bridal. If all else fails, just follow you heart.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week ahead!

Inspiration: Rustic Glam

I’d like to send my deepest thanks to everyone who has visited the blog. You are the reason why I find myself returning here, sometimes too often. But this month marks my 8th month of Purplelue Wedding and I am thankful that I have gone this far. I am happy that I have the enthusiasm and time to create posts that hopefully inspire and encourage you positively, in any way possible.

Speaking of inspiration – this is after all one of the major reasons we flock to the internet and read blogs. We search for ideas and practical advice to use in our everyday lives especially for milestones such as weddings, engagement, meeting of families, these are what push us to become creative, to provide, and to fulfill.

Here is one awesome treat for you who are looking for a unique and beautiful wedding theme. I love natural elements so please don’t be surprised if you’ll see a bit of green and brown often. But when mixed with gold and shimmer — totally elegant. If I could get married again, this would be my theme! Here are the photos from Joseph West Photography. This inspiration shoot was creatively put together by Pomp and Circumstance which by the way does handmade weddings and DIY as part of their expertise. Need I say more? Enjoy and have a nice day!

Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-11Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-14 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-10 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-9 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-8 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-5 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-4 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-3 15446 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-121 Rustic-glam-wedding-inspiration-13I love the gold table cloth and the foliage on the chairs! The ribbon detail is so creative! And the name card, or card “twine” – gorgeous! What do you think? Be sure to send me an email if you have ideas to share, I’d love to check them out! Have a nice week.

Photo source: 100LayerCake

Martin and Alex | A Sweet and Romantic Wedding | Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography

People cross your path for reasons. On my first day of college, I sat beside Alex for orientation in the auditorium. We exchanged names, we found out we lived in the same city, we had the same course, and the rest is history. Two years later, she introduced me to my husband. I can never forget that day – even after 11 years it’s become a past time of hubby and I to talk about it and make fun of each other. But that’s for another story. 20131012_015_8701

Fast forward to October 2013, Alex got married to the love of her life and her best friend. Their celebration was full of love and happiness. She was blooming in her wedding dress by Joe San Antonio. As a bride, Alex was 100% hands on with so many details, so I knew the amount of work they placed to creating such a beautiful day. As her friend, I was honoured to be part of it.

The bright and sunny photos were taken by Jorem and Sheila Catilo. The couple wed in St. John Bosco Parish in Makati City and then dinner and dancing in 1Esplanade. True to Alex-fashion, a color palette of seafoam green and coral pink was chosen for the day. The reception styling showcased green hedges with white framed mirrors and vintage lamps on centerpieces – who better to execute this than k. by cunanan catering. Alex chose pink blooms for her bouquet and white flowers for the church.

Here are the beautiful photos from Jorem and Sheila Catilo followed by the same day edit from Ian Cruz Films who was able to tell their love story in the most natural way possible.

20131012_090_8776 20131012_1522 20131012_001_8687 20131012_002_8688 20131012_004_8690 20131012_005_8691 20131012_007_8693 20131012_009_8695 20131012_012_8698 20131012_016_8702 20131012_017_8703 20131012_020_8706 20131012_021_8707 20131012_022_8708 20131012_023_8709 20131012_025_8711 20131012_034_8720 20131012_036_8722 20131012_038_8724 20131012_042_8728 20131012_045_8731 20131012_046_8732 20131012_049_8735 20131012_051_8737 20131012_052_8738 20131012_053_8739 20131012_054_8740 20131012_055_8741 20131012_057_8743 20131012_058_8744 20131012_061_8747 20131012_063_8749 20131012_064_8750 20131012_068_8754 20131012_069_8755 20131012_078_8764 20131012_082_8768 20131012_081_8767 20131012_086_8772 20131012_087_8773 20131012_091_8777 20131012_094_8780 20131012_100_8786 20131012_101_8787 20131012_105_8791 20131012_106_8792 20131012_108_8794 20131012_109_8795 20131012_113_8799 20131012_117_8803 20131012_118_8804 20131012_120_8806 20131012_126_8812 20131012_133_8819 20131012_122_8808 20131012_141_8827 20131012_142_8828 20131012_143_8829 20131012_149_8835 20131012_152_8838 20131012_153_8839 20131012_154_8840 20131012_157_8843 20131012_167_8853 20131012_173_8859_DSC2010 20131012_6496 _DSC2030 _DSC2016 _DSC2014 20131012_7296 20131012_175_8861

Advice to couples planning their wedding: All of the planning, money, and time put in over the entire year comes and goes in a flash the day of your wedding, so try to make this a good kind of stress and enjoy the whole process! Celebrate everytime you cross off a task in your to-do list because this will make you feel accomplished. The tension between unlimited wants and limited resources will always be there but focus on what matters most, be resourceful and squeeze out your creative juices! Always put in mind that it’s gonna be one of best days of your life.

Photography: Jorem and Sheila Catilo | Video: Ian Cruz Films | Caterer: k. by cunanan catering | Dress: Joe San Antonio | Suit: Cornell’s | Coordinator: Getting Married Wedding Coordinators & Event Planners | Flowers: Vatel Manila | Entourage dresses: Isabel Celdran | Hair and Make up: Sabs Hernandez | Lights: Sensitivity Lights & Sounds | Music: Manila String Machine | DJ: George Punzalan | Photo Booth: baiCapture | Invitation: Coloriphics

Karlo and Paz | San Antonio de Padua | Benjie Tiongco Photography

001I am beyond happy with this set of photos from Benjie Tiongco! The couple wed in the same church as I did so it has a special place in my heart and always will. But more than that, I am loving the natural light that Benjie shows in these photos and that he doesn’t fail to capture the details and decor of Karlo and Paz’s most special day. Shades of blue and cream naturally complement the colours of the surroundings – the light brown hues of the Church, the green and white flowers, and the bright blue sky. I love it when couples are able to choose the right colour palette and match it with the church and venues. Doing so results in gorgeous photographs – done right!

I sure hope these photos bring inspiration and sunshine on your day. Enjoy!

002 007 006 005 004 003 011 010 009 008012 015 014 013016 019 018 017020 022 021 023024 025 027 028030 031 032 034036 037 039Photography: Benjie Tiongco | Coordinator: Trina San Pascual | Videography: 30fps Digital Video | Happy Andrada

Just Visited….Barcelona!

Months after my wedding, my husband and I finally had our honeymoon. Much delayed but better late than never I suppose. I had completed my MBA plus we just moved to a new city. With so many things happening at the same time, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be rushing into anything I will regret later. Luckily, after weeks of planning and researching, it paid off. We got good deals,  we didn’t miss our flights/trains. All that we hoped for, we experienced and we are both thankful to have them.

First city we saw was Barcelona. This is a personal favourite because not only did my parents get married here 38 years ago, my sister was also born here. Here are some photos I took with my iphone.

When visiting Barcelona, here are my recommendations for a 4 day visit:

1. See Gaudi’s works. He is the celebrated artist who designed and constructed much of the Modernist buildings we see today all over Barcelona. Must-see are Casa Battlo, La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, and Parc Guell.
IMG_7023                                                                                                  Photo above: Casa BattloIMG_7307                                                                                      Photo above: Sagrada Familia IMG_7747                                                                                                    Photo above: La Pedrera

2. Go for a walk in various neighbourhoods. We enjoyed Exiample because there weren’t too many crowds. We loved the narrow streets of Barri Gotic and El Raval. We went in late October and I can say that Barcelona is beautiful in Autumn. The leaves are turning brown and falling on the streets, simple joys to experience – it made me appreciate nature all the more.
IMG_70683. Visit Barcelona Cathedral, among others. There are so many nice churches in Barcelona. IMG_70644. Rent a bike so you can cover more area in a day. Visit Port Vell and Barceloneta beach which are both very close by from Las Ramblas and Via Diagonal, two main roads that intersect the districts from the city towards the beach. IMG_7274Photo below: My trusty yellow bike that took me everywhere! I felt like a kid again. IMG_7553

5. Tapas, Cana (Spanish wine), Paella!!! Need I say more?

This is my first post that ‘s not wedding related but I wanted to share some recommendations for honeymoon trips. Be sure to send me a message if you still want me to post the rest of our honeymoon, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week! 🙂

Johanna Johnson Spring Summer 2014

J. Johnson S-S 2014Prepare yourself for a series of beautiful fabrics, sexy slips, and modern styles. Johanna Johnson is a Bridal designer from Australia known for luxurious fabrics and elegant styling. Her Spring – Summer 2014 collection is definitely for the confident and modern bride, a woman who’s secure in her own skin without the over the top design. The styling and accessories are also eye catching. Such gorgeous gowns adorned with Swarovski and precious stones!

Loving these pretty dresses from her collection and I’m sure you’d love them too! JJohnson Spring Summer 2014 JJohnson SS14 JJohnson SS2014 Johanna Johnson S-S 2014 Johanna Johnson Spring-Summer 2014 Johanna Johnson Spring-Summer-2014 Johanna Johnson SS 14 Johanna Johnson SS 214 Johanna Johnson SS 2014 Johanna-Johnson SS 14Featured designer: Johanna Johnson

Photos: The Knot

Vince and Raschella | Beauty in Batanes | Aaron Ebio Photography

I am such a sucker for all things nature. So when Aaron Ebio sent in these breathtakingly gorgeous photos from Vince and Raschella’s wedding, I went straight to click download. The couple wed in a stone-built church atop a hill in Batanes, … Continue reading

Wedding Shoe Designs: Bride and You

amelia (1)In the world of weddings, your wedding shoe could be your secret weapon to standing confident. By now you know that shoe design and production go hand in hand to make the shoes stand out and last long. So, to find your wedding shoes plus being able to wear it after your wedding – makes that pair a great find!

Today, my great find is Bride and You. This wedding shoe brand promises to give sought after classic designs with a production process that speaks of top quality and craftsmanship. These are values that the brand upholds and wishes to share to its clients. Mind you, this is not an advertorial. The material I feature in my blog are from my research and I’m delighted to feature suppliers that I think my readers can definitely benefit from.

amelia (2)amelia (3)From the moment I picked up on the story and designs of Bride and You, I thought of you readers. You deserve to have the best for your wedding day and to get the most out of your purchases. As you scroll down, you’ll see their beautiful designs and carefully crafted shoes handmade to make sure they stand the test of time.

delphin (2)delphin(5) delphin (1)delphin (3)emma (1)emma (2)jackie (2) jackie (1)making pic (4)making pic (5)making pic (7) making pic (6)making pic (3) making pic (2) making pic (1)So you can see their designs are versatile ranging from simple to flirty. How awesome is that? Be sure to check out more designs in Bride and You website. They are going to give Purplelue Wedding readers a FREE name label to go with your purchase! Just mention Purplelue Wedding, thanks!

Photos: courtesy of Bride and You


Seeking Help for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) from Philippines


One week after the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) has left central Philippines, thousands have died and thousands also injured. The entire nation grieves for the loss of the families and the trauma of the survivors. Relief operations are currently underway as countries help hand in hand with the Philippines to aid in humanitarian needs and basic support. My friends from the Philippines have put together a Friendship Relief Project. The donations given through this fundraising project will be personally handled by them so you will be assured where your money goes and who benefits. I am appealing not only to my family and friends but also to my readers to help in raising funds. The money is used to buy food, medicines, water, and is used to coordinate with local partners on logistics and operations.

For more information on the devastation and typhoon aftermath, proceed to – Typhoon Haiyan. Your donations and assistance can help us help them.

Inspiration + DIY Series: Part One


A few days ago, I posted a teaser of a collaboration I had just completed and it’s finally here in the blog! This collaboration was made possible through suppliers that have graciously offered their time and talent. I am very proud to have worked with them – all of whom strive to produce original content and exhibit their style and creativity.

For this Holiday 2013 series, we were inspired by a black and gold colour palette. We also infused DIY ideas which you can tweak to make it your own. From our ideas we put together a styled shoot that can hopefully inspire you as you set out to make your own decisions in table setting and doing DIY.  I thank you readers for your support and for pushing me to work doubly harder each time.

The cake was designed by Nadine’s Bakeshop. She makes creative cakes for special occasions and this one here is absolutely gorgeous. The calligraphy was provided by Ink Scribbler; Alexis is talented and you can see why in our shoot. The white space location was made possible by The Hills at Silang and the design and rental were provided by styling team, Design + Craft. Here are the beautiful photos from Zebra with a Camera. Stay tuned for more of this Inspiration + DIY Series.


I was inspired to do this shoot because I wanted to produce original content for the blog. I wanted to be part of a creative process that could hopefully inspire my readers and others. I thought that a collaboration with personalities who were keen on sharing the same vision would fit this project smoothly.

Whether you are in the wedding industry or otherwise, table setting need not be pompous or overkill. Sometimes it is harder to practice restraint than doing so many things at the same time. For this Holiday set up, I can break down this post with the following essentials:

  1. Start with a center piece. We chose a tall singular glass vase with white roses, loosely spread out for a cool and modern feel.
  2. Add side arrangements. We used small black pots with light pink flowers and ruby red vase with sprigs of baby’s breath. The pink flowers help bridge the gold and black colour palette we were going for while baby’s breath adds more flower power without being too distracting.
  3. Inject character in the setting. We used a vintage mirror with gold metal design that was in line with our palette but at the same time adds some character to the setting.
  4. Incorporate DIY. The DIY elements found here were fun to do because we were 100% hands-on. The animal napkin holder could be a conversation starter among guests and it is very easy to do. To be practical, one can re-use them for another occasion. The menu card was also a DIY from the type of paper, colour, and font used.
  5. Add texture. We used a gold fabric with a textured feel to add a dimension into the entire table setting. It turned out great and to think we only used a fabric cloth for this! If you are planning to do this, make sure the width of the fabric fits the dimension of the table.
  6. Add ambience. This can be achieved through candles especially if you are planning to do this for your wedding. With so many instances for dim lighting, candles add a romantic and soft feel to the table setting. To make it more effective, add a couple more candles spread throughout your table.

I hope this post was truly helpful and thank you for stopping by!

Photography: Zebra with A Camera | Design and Rental: Design + Craft | Cake: Nadine’s Bakeshop (+63920-9665949 | Calligraphy: Ink Scribbler | Location: The Hills at Silang | DIY Gold-painted animal napkin holder, click HERE | DIY Menu Card (font: Freebooter Script) click HERE | Flats for bridesmaids: Celebracion by Suelas | Gifts for groomsmen: black silk ties

Freddie and Yves | Viva Las Vegas | Bordoy Photography

YF upload-0011Las Vegas is not only known for its lights, night life, fun and party. There are also beautiful spaces in the city that can be your backdrop for your most special day. Today’s wedding brought to us by Bordoy Photography showcases an intimate wedding of Freddie and Yves. The couple based in Singapore decided to have a destination wedding with most of their family members already living in the United States. Yves wore an off-shoulder dress with lace designed by Zandra Lim. The groom’s light grey suit is from CYC Custom Shop from Singapore. Born and raised in the Philippines, the couple opted to choose key suppliers such as photographer and dress designer to carry out their dream wedding while making sure that Filipino wedding traditions would be felt and documented throughout the day.

It’s not alway easy planning a wedding more so for Yves and Freddie who had to do most of communication through emails. After a year and half of planning, their wedding day was blessed with beautiful sunny weather and lots of love from family and friends. Come and see a glimpse of their wedding taken by Filipino wedding photographer, Bordoy Photography.
image-7 YF upload-0228 YF upload-0263 YvesFred BKUP-6157 YF upload-0471 YF upload-1867 YF upload-0549 YF upload-1704 YF upload-1767 image YvesFred BKUP-6556 YF upload-1052 YF upload-0648 image-4 image-2 image-5 image-9 image-6 image-8

Photographer : Bordoy Photography | Videographer: Tim and Co Motion Pictures | Dress: Zandra Lim | Groom’s Suit: CYC Custom Shop | Hair and Makeup: Amelia C and Co Hair and Makeup Artistry | Invitations: Written in Ink | Coordinator: Divine Events Las Vegas

Inspiration: Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2014

Sometimes we see dresses from the runway and we wish we can wear something like that to an occasion. Like some of you, I look on to designer collections for inspiration and design ideas. Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer who is able to inspire his customers. He is indeed on the wish list of most of us. For this collection, he featured soft white dresses with sprinkles of black and fuchsia print. Then to add to the mix of the soft palette, he added salmon and emerald with my favourite combination of lace and sequins.

Today I wish to share my favourite designs from his collection. Here’s a glimpse of his latest work for Spring Summer 2014. Thank you for dropping by, have a great week ahead. Elie Saab S-S 2014Elie Saab SpringSummer 2014 Elie Saab SS 2014 Elie Saab Spring Summer 14 Elie Saab Spring-Summer ElieSaabSpringSummer ElieSaabSpringSummer2014 Elie Saab Spring Summer 2014 ElieSaab Spring-Summer 2014 Elie Saab S.S 2014 Elie Saab Spring-Summer-2014 Elie Saab-Spring Summer 14Featured designer: Elie Saab

Coming Soon: Inspiration + DIY Series

One of my goals for Purplelue Wedding it to feature original content that is sophisticated and classic which the couple could appreciate when they look back 10 or 20 years down the road. In doing so I look towards collaborating with creative personalities who share a common passion for creativity and design. As I always encourage my readers to reflect their personalities in wedding planning, DIY is incorporated into the collaboration process!

By marrying inspiration and original content, I hope to provide readers helpful and practical information with tips to enjoy their wedding planning while designing their event the way they envision it.

Here’s a teaser of the collaboration among a chosen few to be featured soon in Purplelue Wedding. TeaserHeader1

Soon, you’ll see how to design specific aspects of your wedding while making sure your vision for the most special day is indeed fulfilled. I can’t wait, just a few more and I’ll be able to share our work with you!