Wedding Registry: How to do it right

Are you psyched to start picking items for your wedding registry? Before getting all excited, there’s just a few things you need to take care of before checking each and every towel set or dining ware there is. I remember when we were choosing items for our registry, I went with my mom since my fiance was overseas. But we did a lot of discussions over the phone, sending him pictures, asking him what he thinks. I realized that one’s registry depends on a lot of factors. But if you prepare for it, it becomes helpful as you begin your life together in your new home.

westelmanthro1Photo via Engaged & Inspired

In my case, our registry was a mix of few practical items combined with some bed and bath and dining basics plus travel essentials. Since my husband and I were about to live in another country, we didn’t have a long registry. Our guests were given a hand in what they wanted to give us knowing our situation.

For the most part, here’s my list of things to remember when picking out items:

Preparing for the registry:.

  1. Will you move out and live in a new home? Knowing if you’ll have your own space at the start of your marriage would help you list the essentials versus listing down just about anything you fancy. For example: if you’re moving to a new home, you might want to prioritize home furniture (bed, pillows, other bedding) and appliances (microwave, oven, toaster, coffee maker, pots, pans).
  2. Will you be living in a house or a condo / apartment? The size of your home will also determine how much you need to register and how varied.  Some couples include key pieces for home decor as well as furniture accents they love early on. If you have more than 1 bathroom, this means you’d need to register more shower curtains and bathroom essentials.
  3. If you will be living abroad after the wedding, you might want to register only a few essentials. These essentials are bed and bath, travel luggage, and basic lightweight dining set. It’s suggested for couples to indicate in their invitations that they will be living abroad after the wedding so guests would have an idea beforehand. In our case, some guests gifted us with electronic gift cards from and gift certificates from Rustan’s Department Store.
  4. Make a preview before your actual appointment. Browse the department store where you are registered, during your free time and at your own pace. This way, you will know what items are available even before you actually have to pick them. This saves time during your actual appointment with the department store.  Check out the different sections such as dining, kitchen/cooking, bed and bath, and home furniture. Take down notes on the items you want to register. This will serve as your wedding registry “grocery list”.
  5. Research online using customer reviews to validate the higher -priced items on your “grocery list”.  You wouldn’t want to register something you will regret later. Choose well, it’s for your own future and convenience too.
  6. Support your passion and hobbies. If you love baking you might need a new Kitchenaid mixer in the list? You’re a coffee lover, include a kMix by Kenwood in your favorite color. You enjoy cooking, register for high-grade pans and knife set. Your fiance is a gym rat, put in a complete set of work out gear. The point is, if it’s your passion someone dear to you would know that and could possibly buy it for you. Guests want to know what you will need and more often than not besides essentials, the items you will always use get picked out first.
  7. Consult or discuss with your fiance. It’s not just your house, you’re both living in it. Ask him what he thinks he will need. Ask him for suggestions. Marry your items with his until you come out with a combined wishlist.
  8. Ask other newlyweds in the same situation as you for tips and suggestions. Exchange notes but remember that ultimately, it’s yours and your fiance’s decision.


kenwoodkMix Coffee Maker by Kenwood

Here’s a short clip for all you coffee lovers out there!

Available in Rustan’s Department Store

When it’s time for you to make the selection: 

  1. Schedule it on a right time. Make an appointment on a weekday right before lunch. It’s less crowded and there’s more quiet time to go around. Don’t go when you’re stressed at work or haggard. It’s not supposed to be a hectic errand anyway, enjoy it!
  2. Go alone or with your fiance. If your fiance is up to the task, bring him along and enjoy the process. You’ve done your research and you already have your “grocery list” — all you need to do is refer to it, look for it, and sign off.
  3. If fiance is busy at work, bring your Mom or Maid of Honor. This will depend on you. However trust your choices and what you have in your “grocery list” which you prepared for ahead of time. Your mom or MOH is there for moral support and not to dictate what you will use in your house.
  4. Include option for Gift Certificates or Gift Cards. These are usually accepted by wedding registries.
  5. The best time is 2-3 months before your wedding date. Just be sure you get the registry inserts (that tiny card from your wedding registry, given out for free so you can insert in your invitation)  in time for when you deliver your wedding invitation. Another option is to leave out the insert and have your invitation printer include it in your wedding design.

To add something extra to your registry essentials, here are some more ideas:

Include wall frames. Create your own art installation of wedding pictures at home. 

framesWall frames via Stylizimo 

Bathroom stainless steel jars (to hold cotton balls and to hide clutter)

Bathroom jars via Anthropologie

Nautical print shower curtain (in contrast to an-all white bathroom)

naut curtain1Photo via West Elm Blog

Cluster of small vase to decorate a wall vignette.

vaseColored vase via Anthropologie

In the Philippines, check out the following for Wedding Registry Options:

  1. Rustan’s Department Store for a complete offering
  2. Make Room, Make Room and More for storage and organization solutions
  3. Dimensione
  4. Gourdo’s for specialized cooking and baking essentials

Hope this helps! Enjoy your shopping! Email me in or follow me in Twitter: @PurplelueWeddin


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