Items to prepare for Church and Reception

My husband and I  enjoyed our wedding last February 2013. We got a kick from seeing our family and friends enjoy with us. We have so many memories of that day to take with us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting organized in advance meant that we had little to think about and more time to relax and let the wedding fun sink in.

Besides the expertise of a wedding coordinator, the rest is really up to the couple.  The items to prepare for your Church Ceremony and Reception are very important and it helps to get started on it as early as you can. You might have drafted a list of your own or sought the assistance of your own coordinator and friends. But sometimes we get the list too late or sometimes we wish we could have prepared it earlier. So I created this checklist and I leave it to you to edit to make it your own.

Feel free to print this out for personal use. Click Church and Reception Items   Don’t forget to check back and let me know what you think!

Meantime, here are some tips on getting organized:

1. Choose a very good coordinator who will listen to you, who takes notes of your requests, and who leads her team effectively so that everyone can deliver positive results. Someone who has had extensive experience is also very important because you along with your family and entourage will rely on them to carry out your wedding. My husband and I are so happy that we chose Christine Ong-Te Events (COTE). Apart from being easygoing and in control, I can say that this wedding supplier was worth what we paid for. Click here to get in touch with them. They offer full (12 months), half-way (6 months), and on the day coordination (1 month). More gushing over my coordinator in another post.

2. Get as much done as early as possible. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their wedding? Getting things done early helped ease tension during the weeks leading up to our wedding. If you’re reading this, good job on researching about it because it does help to get acquainted with what to expect. So I suggest to make a checklist, update the list regularly, do follow up, research, and make notes.  Communicate these to your coordinator and your entourage who could help you in the details.  It was fortunate that we got most suppliers booked in time and we started the DIY projects months in advance. Our coordinator Christine and her team were right with us 6 months prior so it was valuable to us that our coordinator was on the loop in everything.

Good luck and enjoy wedding planning!



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