How To Choose your Colour Palette

ColourPaletteThis post lends you a hand in how to choose the right colour palette for your wedding. This is among the first things couples plan for. Quite right since the choice of colours help bring out your taste and style. However, it’s important to choose your palette in the context of other elements. Here is my list of top considerations when choosing your colour palette. 


Guided by a theme, your palette should consist of colours that surround this concept for your wedding. Themes can be emotional, places, personal concepts, colours. tumblr_mgvkp3yBCq1rpe0jco1_500Photo via Life Is Beautiful

Popular examples of themes are: rustic, romantic, vintage, nautical, earthy, country, travel, luxury, garden, nature, organic, beach, sports. 

It can also be a two-colour combination: black and white, blue and white, grey and pink, silver and grey, red and white.

It can be concept-based such as: polka-dots, stripes, glitter and glamour, sugar and sweet. 

Put together your inspirations and photographs into a mood board. Choose those colours that inspire you and tones that you are drawn to. After you have narrowed down your selections, see what colours naturally come out of your mood board. These should be considered in your colour palette. I was initially drawn to blue and purple. But as I sat down and did some research and inspiration-seeking, I found that my mood board was leaning towards earth colours. Here is an example of a mood board for a white wedding:



Whether you choose pastels or jewel tones, the selection reflects the type of day you envision. Colours have that ability to influence moods and emotions. On your special day, think about what kind of occasion you’d like to create, what general mood do you want to invoke? Colours can work towards achieving this goal. ck52Photo via Nelwin Uy


Just as choosing your type of wedding dress is influenced by your ceremony and reception venues, the same case is for your colour palette. Consider what colours are coming out naturally from your reception venues. Are they bright or dark hues? Be sure to choose colours that complement your venues.  boracayengagement08 Photo via Jeff and Lisa Photography


The final outcome should be a palette that may not be from the same colour family but should at least be complementary.  You may use 2 dominant and recurring colours with 2 background shades. If you’re unsure, you can refer back to your mood board. White-and-Green-tabke-setting-6Photo via A Bryan Photo

What colours are you using on your wedding day? Any questions or dilemmas you need to settle? Email or message via Twitter!


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