How to ace that Thank You card

Post-wedding and you and your hubby are basking in a beach enjoying. Your wedding is done but there’s still one last thing you need to cross out from your to-do list — thank you notes. Sending your gratitude for attending is just as important as sending an invitation to your guests. So here’s a list of things to remember when you send thank you cards. And mind you, there’s a courtesy deadline for this so it’ll help to keep this in mind:


Elegant outdoor wedding
naturalist-wedding-inspirationNaturalist wedding inspiration

Q: Who do I send Thank You cards to?

A: The List is the same as your Invitation list. So don’t delete your guest list just yet. Print a separate copy but this time, add 1 last column for wedding gift received. Here you can write down what you received across the sender’s name. This way you can track who sent what and you won’t be caught off guard when they ask you about it!

Q: How do I keep track of the gifts and the mailing list?

A: Record as you receive. After opening the gift, write it down on the list. This way, you won’t have to keep the card attached to the gift, for months. You just need that list with the guests’ names, their addresses, their wedding gift, and other contact details.

Q: Until when is it alright to send thank you cards?

A: Most wedding suppliers advise that time frame for sending them out is 3 months after your wedding date. It is however customary to send thank you cards to your principal sponsors alongside your gifts to them during the reception. The same can be done for your bridal and liturgical entourage.

Q: Is it acceptable to give e-cards?

A: It is totally acceptable to send thank you e-cards to guests who are living abroad. For guests living in the same country, I do suggest that a handwritten thank you card is still your best option. It’s more personalized and your guests will appreciate it more.

Q: What should I write in the card?

A: A heartfelt but short message usually does the trick. Apart from saying thanks for attending, tell them you appreciate their gift and why you specially chose it, even how you plan to use it.

Q: How do I write the sign-off?

A: In most cases, I’ve been advised to write “love” for family and close friends, “sincerely” for colleagues and other friends.

Q: Where can I find thank you cards?

A: Thank you cards are usually complementary from your invitation supplier. They use the same font and style as your main invitation. This way, all of your wedding stationary ties in together. You can also opt to go the DIY route. If you do, most cards have the size 3 1/2 x 5 inches. You can use white, ecru, or the color theme to your wedding.

diy-wedding-invitationsDIY wedding envelopes

Q: How do I address ourselves writing the card?

A: You could address yourselves by saying, “We would like to say thank you…”, “Paul and I are grateful…”.

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