FAQ: Save The Date

Your planning is going smoothly so it’s time to include your family and friends in the loop. First step is to send a wedding save the date. To help you in preparing your own, read on so you can get started on your mailing list!

Q: What is a Save the Date?

A Save the Date is a pre-invitation announcement to your intended wedding guests officially informing them of your wedding date. This also lets your guests know that they will certainly be invited to your big day.

Q: Is it a must to send Save the Dates?

Lately, many couples are booking destination weddings or extended weekends for the celebration. This calls for an official wedding announcement to allow your guests ample time to make travel arrangements, file a leave from the office, and fix their busy schedules to be able to attend your wedding. If your wedding date is during peak season, sending save the dates is expected.

Q: When is the best time to send this out?

It’s best to send them 6 months before the wedding. This gives your guests plenty of time to book flights and arrange their travel itinerary. Sending it too late could be the same as your wedding invitation itself. If you send this too early, guests may tend to forget about it.

Q: Who should be on our mailing list?

Save the dates are given to guests that you are 100% sure you will invite. When you send this out the same guests will be expecting an invitation. Don’t forget to include your entourage, parents, and siblings. They too need to receive heads-up as anyone else in your guest list.

Q: Is it necessary to indicate a plus one on the save the date?

The earlier you make this clear the better for you. It’s customary that if your guest is married, you must also invite the spouse. For friends who are close to you, you can include their partners. However if you’re unsure on some, you can choose to decide on this later. Just make sure you have buffer for the number of guests — especially when you start finalizing the mailing list for the wedding invitation.


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