Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

The following are Church Requirements for a Catholic wedding in the Philippines:

1. Baptismal Certificate (6 months validity): You must request this from the Church where you were baptized. Ask the parish administrator to indicate that this is for marriage purposes. This certificate must have validity of 6 months from your wedding date. For example: if your wedding is December 30, the earliest date indicated in this certificate must be June 30 of the same year. It would help if you have your baptismal date for the church’s search reference.

2. Confirmation Certificate (6 months validity): You must request this from the Church where you were confirmed. If you were confirmed in school such as me, I requested the school to prepare a letter addressed to the Church stating I was confirmed on this date and in that same Church. Once you have the letter, you can proceed to the Church’s administration office and make the request. Same as number 1, you must indicate this is for marriage purposes and must have a validity of 6 months from your wedding date. You also might pay a processing fee.

3. Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Record of Marriage (CENOMAR): These certificates must be obtained from NSO (National Statistics Office) via NSO. Payments are P315.00 per copy for birth certificate and P415.00 per copy for CENOMAR. You can pay either through accredited banks or online. Click here for more information on payments. You will need this for the wedding church and for the marriage license application.

4. ID Pictures: Usually 2×2 and 1×1 for bride and groom. Refer to your church’s request for exact number and size.

5. Pre-Cana Seminar / Wedding Seminar: Marriage is a lifelong commitment the couple makes to each other. As part of the Catholic Church’s requirement, this aims to encourage engaged couples to learn more about each other in various aspects of their lives. The talks covered under the seminar would help the couple resolve some issues they may have prior to getting married. The seminar also gives guidance for the couple in their future life together. There are different organizations worldwide that conduct pre-wedding seminars. Most parish churches administer a seminar every month while other organizations have every weekend. Here are some suggestions where you can attend the seminar. You may have to book your reservation at least 4-6 months in advance due to limited slots.

a. Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM): Proceed to their schedule of cana seminars and reserve 1 slot for 1 couple. Price is P4,000.00 This is a first come first serve arrangement. Click CEFAM for more details. This is a two day live-out seminar, held on Saturday and Sunday.

b. Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE): This is a 3 day live-in seminar conducted by married couples and a Catholic priest. You can contact them through: or 09178811151. Click here for more details.

c. Discovery Weekend Philippines (DW): This is also a a 3 day live-in program conducted by married couples under the Discovery Weekend Foundation Philippines. Click here for more details.

To be certain, please contact the office of the wedding Church you selected to ensure that these seminars are acceptable under their requirements.

6. Marriage Banns (posted on 3 consecutive Sundays): The banns are written wedding announcements posted in the couple’s respective parishes. The bride and groom must contact their parochial church to obtain the name of their parish priest and the address of the church. These information must be given to your wedding Church. They will prepare a letter requesting for the marriage banns. The banns are usually posted on 3 consecutive Sundays in the couple’s parishes. After posting, you can retrieve the letter from the parish office with a reply stating that no impediments were made. Submit the reply letters to your wedding Church.

7. Canonical Interview: The couple must meet the parish priest of the wedding church 1 month before the wedding. My husband and I met the parish priest on a weekday and he asked questions about our family background, how long we have known each other, if we were raised Catholics, and if we were truly certain of our decision. Hopefully at this point of the preparation process, the couple is almost certain that they will be married to each other and that this is a mutual decision they voluntarily made out of love.

8. Confession: The couple must attend confession prior to the wedding. The Catholic Church teaches us that marriage is a sacrament. For the couple to receive the most out of the sacrament and the supernatural grace we receive  from marriage, they must attend confession days before the wedding. After confession, the couple is forgiven of their sins and they are now ready to receive even more grace through marriage. In my experience, my husband and I went to confession 2 days prior to our wedding day given that our big day was out of town. You may need to plot this in your calendar as you are expected to be busy during the week of your wedding.

9. List of entourage and Principal Sponsors: You may opt to give the parish office a copy of your wedding invitation with an entourage list. The names of the Principal Sponsors are very important as these will be listed in your marriage license.

10. Marriage License: This must be applied as a couple and must have a validity of 3 months.

a. 1×1 ID picture and valid ID

b. Birth Certificate

c. Personal appearance in your Municipal / City Hall

d. Certificate of single capacity to marry (if foreigner)

e. Certificate of wedding seminar

11. List of songs, if necessary

12. Church permit for photographer and videographer, if necessary


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21 thoughts on “Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

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  2. Thanks so much for this! Just a question, do we need to have a civil marriage before the church wedding? And must the marriage license be from the same municipality as the church we want to be married in? Thanks!

    • You’re not required to have a civil wedding before church wedding. The marriage license need not be from the same municipality of the church where you will be married.

  3. Hi, me and my fiancee are both in abroad but were planning to get married in Philippines and it would be difficult for us to accomplish these if we are here. Is it possible someone can do this for us I mean even just getting requirements?

    • The certificates can be obtained online or in person through someone else. However the marriage license requires a physical attendance of the couple when filing in the civil registry.

  4. Hello Tina!
    Good day. I’d just like to ask how much should a couple allot for the Wedding Banns? I know the price varies per church but I’d just like to have an idea how much it costs for planning purposes 🙂 Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    • Hello Ria! I am not sure if there is a fixed wedding bann charge. This depends on your wedding Church. Some churches accept donations and do not even charge couples for a fee. But out of good will, couples give monetary donation as contribution to the Church.

    • Hi, I believe you can check with the church where you will marry and ask them if your Civil Marriage License will suffice to show as proof of your civil wedding.

  5. Hi,

    I am a filipina and i just got married in civil in australia with my foreign husband and we are planning to get married in the philippines in church next year. Do you have any idea if what are the possible requirement to we take along when processing the said church wedding ir do we have to undergo with the same steps as what do others do when processing their papers for getting married in the church?


  6. Hello
    I am English and looking to marry my fiancee in April! I am flying out to Philippines in October to sign the ‘proof on non marriage’ certificate at the Consulate in Manila.

    Due to work commitments I am going to be unable to get back out to Philippines again prior to April – Around 6 months after the October visit.

    I should be able to get all the required documents but my concern is the 3 month validly of the wedding licence. Is this a minimum of 3 months? or we have to be married within 3 months.

    All I want to do is marry the love of my life but it seems so hard for us to work round the very strict timelines!

    It is probably going to happen we will have to marry in UK away from her family, which I am so against doing.

    Any advise?

  7. My husband to be is an ofw, is 1 month prior the weeding would be possible to arrange the requirements/seminars that need his appearance?

  8. hi yung marriage license po pde kumuha sa ibang city for example tga las pinas ung isa ung isa namn is tga muntinlupa . .? thanks for the respond.

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