8 Savvy Ways to Budget Planning

There are so many things we want for our wedding but we know we can’t have everything. And it’s not exactly a good idea to book suppliers without knowing at the very least, an estimated full cost of the big day. Having little preparation could leave you and your husband in debt — and that’s not exactly how you’d want to spend your newlywed days. So here’s where budget planning comes in.

8 Savvy Ways to Budget Planning:

  1. Never go into debt to pay for your wedding. Weddings are  meaningful and a celebration of love, not a means to get you bankrupt. Spend wisely and discuss how you’d want to spend your wedding. An intimate gathering could be just as beautiful as a destination wedding.
  2. Research on the costs. If you like a certain supplier early on, give them a call and ask for a quotation. Do the same for other suppliers  so you can already get a ballpark figure on how much your wedding would cost.
  3. Avoid unnecessary upgrades. Be mindful of choosing upgrades before giving your supplier the go signal. If you think about it, maybe the table centerpieces look beautiful as is and you both can do without the additional cost.
  4. It’s better to overestimate the number of guests. Planning for the wedding means placing a buffer on the number of guests and catering budget.
  5. Prioritize. Discuss which items need more budget than the others.
  6. Go DIY! Find out which expenses you can do-it-yourself instead of paying a supplier.
  7. Monitor your expenses. Keep the receipts and list them down on your budget file. Also keep the quotations from all of your suppliers for reference.
  8. Don’t be afraid to say No. If you know that something is not within your budget, keep calm and look away.

I made a wedding budget file with the expenses by category and suppliers’ information sheet.

Click Wedding Budget Planner to download (for personal use only).

budget planner


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